April 30, 2012

VODE is a virtual political campaign lunched by artist Theopsy in April - Mai 2012 during the national election in Greece. 
In an attempt to infiltrate in real time an historical event and displace its content, the artist has used the means of a classical campaign to promote a fictional character through social medias, videos, speeches, press and posters.
During this campaign, Theopsy as constantly leaped between real and unreal, providing a diversity of contradictory but yet complementary actions ranging from a simultaneous exhibition of art works in two socially opposite venues, the art direction of a very real campaign for a very real eligible politician, and the active participation to radically opposite political think tanks.

"By hijacking the key object or event on which an historical sequence is based, by hijacking an historical "praxis" and transfer it into a non-historical context, i believe we can create a new point of observation, from which such an historical sequence would simply reveal its porosity.
The result of such an experiment could be to a better understanding of the synchronicity principles that relate each one of us to any Event, historical or not, and somehow initiate a process of taking back from history what belongs to us.” 


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